Laser show by LasersoundLaser beams, flame projectors and colourful lighting combined to give Beaconsfield Festival of Lights an extra dimension. Organisers wanted to boost the Christmas event’s profile and called in Laserfire to come up with some ideas. We proposed a powerful laser to project a myriad 0f moving green beams down the high street as a pipe band marched towards the focus of the event. Here we installed a giant flame projector, puffing up hot bursts of fire every few seconds, to add a point of interest at the far end of the town. Beaconsfield’s historic town hall was illuminated by our colour wash Kolorado lights while trees on the green looked a picture of colour with our uplighters. ‘The whole evening was an outstanding success,’ said the organiser Barry Moxley, ‘our sponsors loved the laser and so did the audience. Thank you to you and your team for providing so many great effects at such a good price. I’m sure we will be talking to you again soon about next year.’

To book Laserfire for your Christmas lights, call 0500 66 1812 or email