Laser light show by LasersoundWhen you can’t have fireworks our UK laser-light show is a spectacular alternative. Laserfire was called in to provide extra entertainment at a summer party. Watch the result at laserlightshow.

Our laser shows come in all sorts of amazing shapes and patterns, including beam and aerial effects, laser fans and laser tunnels, and liquid sky effects, so called because the effect projects a sheet or tunnel of laser light above your head, which looks like a liquid sky when combined with haze or fog.

Our laser shows include green beam lasers and full colour lasers, depending on the theme of your event. Green beam lasers are very effective with spooky events like Halloween while our full red white and blue lasers create patriotic patterns for a Last Night of the Proms event, especially when combined with fireworks.

For more information and prices email or call 0800 326 5570.